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During Barack Hussein Obama’s time in the White House, he did everything in his power to divide our country along racial lines and to help out the Black Lives Matter Movement. Now, this has come back to bite him in a huge way, as his own daughter Malia has been labeled a “traitor to her race” by Black Lives Matter for what she was just caught doing on camera.

Freedom Daily reported that Malia was savagely attacked on social media by Black Lives Matter activists after she was caught on camera making out with her white boyfriend, who is also a student at Harvard.

“Black activists and anti-White racists went completely nuclear over their crowned princess betraying their entire race and breeding with the oppressive, privileged White class,” Tea reported. 


It was Barack Obama who separated radical black activists from the rest of the country so much so that they view white people as the enemy. The reactions to Malia’s new boyfriend shows that the former president has quite literally created a monster, as the race-baiting mob has now turned on his own daughter.

This is a grim example of the blatant hypocrisy of the left. The left claims to be warriors against racism, unless white people are being attacked. Now, the left hates whites so much that a black girl choosing to date a white man is enough to trigger them and whip them into a frenzy.

The Obama family was likely furious about this video for other reason. First of all, Malia was drinking and partying at a tailgate at the time the video was shot, showing that the 19 year-old has not given up the hard-partying lifestyle that she has become infamous for. Though she is still underage, Malia has already spent years being caught drinking and smoking marijuana on camera, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Secondly, Malia can be seen holding a cigarette, which makes it clear that she is a smoker. This will likely infuriate Michelle Obama, as she is known for being so anti-smoking that she forced Barack to quit. Clearly, Malia is trying to rebel against her mother by blatantly smoking cigarettes. She’s such an experienced smoker that she can even do tricks:

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