Disturbing Leaks Reveals That The Democratic Party Has Sided With Muslims Over Jews

Democratic Party Has Sided With Muslims Over Jews

A bombshell discovery was Created by the Washington Free Beacon. We’ve observed time and time again that liberals are all pro-Palestine, and anti-Israel. They care about ‘Islamophobia’ of the nation compared to the protection. We have of how far the Democratic Party hates Jews confirmation.

The comments were made during a conversation of nominating Ken Marcus as the assistant secretary for civil rights. For attempting to resist anti-semitism groups have targeted Marcus.

The Washington Free Beacon asserts that numerous resources in the assembly, Murray’s senior adviser stated, “We care for transgenders we care for elephants, we take care of Hispanics, we care for gays we care for lesbians we care about the handicapped. We do not care inside this workplace about anti-Semitism.

“This isn’t a true quote and surely does not reflect the job of the workplace.” Are you amazed at this type of hatred?

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