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‘The Doctor’ Who Diagnosed Trump As ‘Mentally Unstable’ Had No Licence To Practice

Mainstream media outlets who ran with a story based on a “Doctor’s” claims that President Trump was suffering from “mental instability – and worse” have been left looking stupid after it was revealed on Hal Turner Show that she didn’t have a license to practice.Dr. Bandy Lee, a “psychiatrist” who’s remote diagnosis of the Presidents health was quickly promoted as an ‘authority’ by the same news outlets.

However, a quick look at the official Yale School of Medicine website reveals that Lee’s license was ‘pending’ and she indeed did not have the authority.The YSM page which revealed Lee’s medical status has since been taken down, but screenshots have been taken prior to the deletion (see below).

Dr. Bandy Lee somehow duped big news outlets like CNN and NPR by openly criticising the Trump’s health. However, any diligent journalist would have taken the initiative to check her license before reporting her claims as an official diagnosed from an actual practicing doctor or “psychiatrist”.

After Lee’s public diagnosis of the President, the mainstream media blindly ran with the story without once stopping to check her credentials. It is now serious ‘egg on their face’ and speculation as to whether an apology will be issued to Trump is another matter.

So how desperate are they to grab an even minuscule piece of dirt on Trump? A lot, it seems. Even if Dr. Lee ‘s diagnosis was actually correct, discussing someone’s any sort of health conditions without prior consent is actually against the law.To diagnose someone, you also have to meet them…

A diagnosis of a patient without actually meeting them is a bit of a grey area in the medical profession.

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater Rule,” it prevents any doctor or psychiatrist from offering a professional opinion on someone they haven’t even treated.Dr. Lee was also “cashed” in on promoting her book as a result of all the media attention she has received. We are still awaiting what mainstream media outlets have to say about it.


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